The Handmaid’s Tale…

Shortness of breath…

No, I am not having a heart attack.

It’s crack of dawn and I just finished pulling an all-nighter, binge watching, The Handmaid’sTale.

I am concerned, troubled, bordering on depressed.

But, I must believe that there is hope in futility.

I just switched from Hulu to MSNBC and the first image that pops up is Agent Orange.

At any other time in my life I would have thought that The Handmaid’s Tale was a superbly written, well acted piece of creative fantasy.

Now, I do believe that this type of religious fervor, anti-feminist sentiment could come to be.

All the Alt-Right males in this country would totally get off on seeing women as subservient, silent, baby machines.

The U.S. is being driven like a fevered racehorse into isolationism.

Dispicable men would love to legitimize rape.

Nancy Pelosi was just singled out as a bad seed in Congress, one to be eliminated.

No one is screaming for Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan’s removal.

Hillary was vilified.

Our dictator spits on the strength of Angela Merkel and honors the Saudi Royal family led by King Salman, the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and admires the vicious dictator, Vladimir Putin.

I watched The Handmaid’s Tale with one eye closed, but I could not pull myself away from the trainwreck.

More than ever, this premise could become a reality.

In light of the recent American presidential election, fears and anxieties are rampant.

Basic civil liberties are seen as endangered, along with many of the rights for women.

I strongly recommend watching, The Handmaid’s Tale, but not alone and with the aide of an adult beverage.

Anything could happen anywhere, given the circumstances.




  1. Paula Lopez says:

    Powerfully written.

  2. At first I didn t want to watch it, but my partner kept on playing it and before I knew I was submerged in an illusion/unreal reality. An illusion that is happening very quietly and slowly being prepare by the luminaries.
    I believe human are by nature very naive or just the primal survival mechanism is so intens that blinds knowledge and common sense. We stop asking, questioning and we are afraid of breaking rules. We get walked to the middle of the road blind in denial and fear… We were crashed and still halfway crashed we still in denial of what is happening .
    We are in the middle of the road. The media keeps us busy with world drama . Tv shows are showing us the other side of the road… We choose denial….

    • Thank goodness for the media reality check on the Agent Orange administration…exception being FOX and Breitbart. Here’s hoping many of us are not stuck in the middle of the road like a deer in headlights. Pass this post on and make people aware that anything can happen. Just like the Girl Scouts, we must all be prepared, Always!!

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