The Girls Take Midtown…

If it’s mid-October then it’s Mammo Time.

Walked the proverbal plank from home to midtown to get pressed and condensed at Columbia Doctors.

At this point in time I know exactly what to expect yet trepidation creeps in while I sign forms and await my name calling.

This year I had a new medical assistant for the first time in many years which added to my concern.

Maureen is my good luck charm.

I disrobed to the waist, laughing at the Frette robe that I needed to change into.

It had been laundered to within an inch of its’ life.

The sleeves were up to my elbows and the waist rested just below the girls which were presently the focal point.

I was smashed, smushed and rearranged.

Then the true stress test was administrated.

Waiting in the sequestered room seems to take an eternity while they read the X-rays.

A lovely South African woman started chatting me up.

She was a nervous wreck because she had her mammogram and then was called for an ultrasound which can signal concern.

She mentioned that she had been experiencing a tough year.

As she started to relax, one of the aides called her into a meeting with the doctor.

Now, I was on pins and needles.

She came back with disturbing news.

Five minutes later, Maureen my good luck charm, showed up, beckoned me to the hallway where the the reveal happens.

Thankfully, it was a thumbs up moment.

I hugged her, grateful that she delivered the news, but my heart ached for the woman who had departed ahead of me.

My other good luck charm was waiting outside for me.

David hugged me hard and we departed, cocooned in my upbeat results.

We walked home hand in hand and on the way decided to celebrate over breakfast.

It was 50 degrees, but we felt invigorated and sat outside under heat lamps enjoying the reprieve for another year.

I need to constantly remind myself to appreciate everyday.

I did think of my mom as she always pleaded, “Call me as you as you have the results.”

Hope you heard me calling out to you this morning, Queen E.


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  1. Glad of the good news😊

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