“F” Bombs…

“Fire and Fury” has taken on a whole new meaning this week.

I have been known to utter those words during a NY Giants football game, urging QB Eli Manning to unleash the fire and the defense to incite fury.

It is also suitable during intimate moments when you want your partner to unfurl unbridled passion. “Bring on the fire and fury, baby.”

But when Agent Orange folds his chubby arms across his bulging chest and clasps his small, ineffective digits together and spews the ‘F’ words out of his tiny pie hole, I sense weakness and ineffectiveness…hot air blowing across the continents from Bedminster.

I would love for Americans to stand up and unleash “Fire and Fury” against the pathetic leader of the once greatest nation in the world.

“Fire and Fury” is a Bigly, Beautiful gift to the North Korea propaganda machine…Trump finally got his wall just in a different geography.

Yesterday, “Fire and Fury” ignited a massive rally in North Korea’s capitol that was bigger than Trump’s inauguration crowd and rivaled the fanaticism experienced at a Bruce Springsteen concert.

We can only Make America Great Again if we drop kick this attention deficit windbag off the roof of the ‘dumpy’ White House.

Let’s play Agent Orange’s game and tee off on Humpty Trumpty, demonstrating massive displays of “Fire and Fury” aimed at the weakest president ever to inhabit the Oval Office.

*Photo: The Conversation


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