The Devil Made Me Do It…


I frequent restaurants.

It is all for research or as I like to say, the devil made me do it.

I sacrifice my body weekly for this blog and I have noticed certain patterns.

The art of conversation is dying. Everyone it having intimate relations with their cell phones. You can only have phone sex with your phone, you cannot legally marry the device so start communicating.

Few patrons engage with the server. People, they have the keys to the kingdom. They always know the best dishes and what is trending on a particular day. Make eye contact, start a food dialog. In most cases, they do know more than you about the menu.

I am always asked why I get comped dishes. I engage. Not for the free food, but for information, the back story and yes, servers can be very interesting humans, as well.

You can learn from waitstaff and especially sommeliers…you don’t want to talk or get educated then why spend the money…consider takeout.

Not every server is wonderful. Some waiters do lack grace, professionalism and are downright boring. That definitely does affect your experience. We had a real dud at Odys + Penelope, but the couple next to us was great as was the food so we were able to cancel him out.

Inebriated people speak very loudly. Drink less or lower your damn voice and that is especially true of women.

Host/hostess, get the broom out of your ass. If you were so important then you would own the restaurant or be CEO of a major company. Don’t let the power of the seating chart go to your head and do not always offer the worse table in the restaurant to everyone first. Are you just lying in wait for a naive diner to accept the loser spot?

Servers…everything on the menu is not great. Calm down and be honest.

I now know why critics revisit a restaurant multiple times…they sample everything on the menu before writing a review. I do not have that luxury.

Recently, I returned to Aestus where I had an amazing experience. The second time, my friend and I ordered meat and chicken as opposed to the fish entree that I selected during my initial visit. Previously, I adhered to our server’s advise. I did not enjoy my meal as much. The scallops were far superior. The steak was a bit chewy and the chicken uninspired.

My daughter and her friends dined at Odys + Penelope last Sunday. The meal was not fabulous. I had highly recommended the restaurant. They ordered some of the dishes I had reviewed and they were once again superb.

The rest of the courses they ordered differently to me and were disappointed. It was the day after Valentine’s Day and the B team may have been on duty.

That bothers me. I feel a responsibility to my readers. Many have already booked into these restaurant. So this is my disclaimer. I am only taking responsibility for the dishes that I personally consume and review. Other selections you are on your own!

Another perk of dining out is meeting interesting, diverse people. Engage with your neighbors unless you only have eyes for your dining partner. From what I observe, it would be a welcome break from ignoring the person across from you. Leaving your cell unplugged for a moment could also prove to be a liberating experience.

Bon Appetit!


  1. I heard an interesting story about which wait staff get the best tips and it turns out it is the less talkative and friendly ones. People apparently like to be left alone! Good thing my waitressing days are behind me…

    • Seriously?! That goes against everything I have ever heard, but times are changing and perhaps people don’t want their phone time interrupted!

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