The Days Of Wine & Roses Are Over…

Friday night is date night in my household.

I do not think we have broken an engagement in over 40 years.

Last Friday we went to Bar Boulud, our new hangout.

I entertained a deep discussion with the bartender regarding French wines.

I mentioned my love for wines from the Languedoc region.

Quelle surprise when he told me that a wine from that area was featured at the restaurant last Thursday night.

He poured me a taste and it was love at first sip.

The bartender was very generous and in light of my recent birthday he gifted me several club pours of the ruby red nectar.

I settled into a long term relationship with Domaine de Montcalmes.

We paired the fabulous wine with escargot, a salad and a delectable cheese platter, featuring French favorite,Comte, a goat and blue.

It was a delightful evening. I left completely sober, relaxed and happy about yet another Friday Night magical moment.

Sleepy time and then midnight rolls around and I wake with a start…was I still in college or had I graduated to adulthood?

My head was pounding and a migraine had made a rough landing.

Now I am awake, in pain, craving pizza or Chinese food.

I traveled the world with rock bands and kept up with the guys drinking Scotch, Bourbon and Courvoisier.

Now I am the weakest link.

It is never about being drunk or out of it…it is just my age vulnerability.

After 40, the ability to consume alcohol without repercussions heads downhill with the likelihood of a migraine teetering at 99%.

Another reason to resent the golden years.

I did not succumb to ordering takeout and settled for half a frozen Snickers bar with a Zomig chaser.

Sweet dreams.


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