The ‘Burbs …

This past weekend I was sitting in the car waiting for my husband to pick up our takeout late lunch order at Palisades Garden Cafe.

As usual, it was populated by teenagers, many in regrettable denim jeans shorts that revealed a lot of information with Bella Hadid inspired midriff tops.

Guys wore white socks with flip flops and many sported ‘dos that covered half their face with exaggerated surfer blonde highlights.

The food at the cafe is tasty, well prepared, reasonably priced American fare…milkshakes and fries rule.

I was thinking that it reminded me of my youth hangin’ at Goody’s and Pizza Factory on Greenwich Avenue.

Nothing ever really changes in the suburbs.

In retrospect, even though I had a wonderful upbringing and graduated from high school relatively unscathed, I did not enjoy the sameness of suburban living.

It is outwardly sanitized, incestuous and everybody knows your name.

Despite the aesthetic beauty, I was adamantly opposed to living in Pacific Palisades…it reminded me too much of where I grew up.

Plus, you need to be approved by the WASPY board of governors because there is a limit to how many natural brunettes who don’t carry Birken bags to Gelson’s Market are allowed to dilute the blonde gene pool.

I ultimately succumbed because the property was great, the beach was a short walk and I had some random blonde highlights.

It is going on 7 months that I have been residing in California due to the pandemic.

I miss the old New York City and look forward to getting back to the joyful chaos within the next decade or sooner if the world concocts a safe and effective vaccine minus the bleach.

I am ever thankful that we have space in our quarantine cage as opposed to the confined NYC scape and the beach as an outdoor backyard outlet.

But the life of a mythical trump suburban housewife will never be in my wheelhouse.

I may not want to live that life, but I salute all the amazing suburban moms who are working full time (and not living to play tennis), raising children, the backbone of many marriages and a huge reason why Biden/Harris may just eradicate the stench of Agent Orange in this country.

Palisades Village, center of town.

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