The Baddest & The Best…

It’s Monday and I’m serving up a Pu Pu Platter of tasty items and some that just are not that palatable.

Taste is in the eye or stomach of the beholder so you judge.

I am just the Pu Pu Presenter.

Your first tasty morsel should definitely be Colin Quinn’s Off Broadway show, Red State Blue State.

It is engaging, insightful and hilarious.

His solo show serves up an 80 minute history lesson chock full of keen observations.

Don’t ever eat at David Burke’s personality free new restaurant, Woodpecker.

The reviews and hype are loud, but this place is as bad as an unwanted pecker in your face.

The food and atmosphere are mediocre at best.

This is from trendsetter David Burke whose Townhouse restaurant on the upper east side was dineworthy along with Fishtail and his original restaurant at Bloomingdales.

Go see Vice.

Christian Bale is brilliant and yes Dick Cheney is satan with a pitchfork with an assist from his social climbing, status seeking bitch of a wife, Lynne.

Cheney is the all powerful, opportunistic manipulator.

Bush comes across as an incompetent moron.

You realize how history continually repeats itself.

Once again, power corrupts.

Doesn’t anyone ever learn?!

Don’t overexercise.

In two days I participated in 3 spin classes, 3 lengthy walks and pilates.

I think I must have blacked out and not realized that I was hit by a car…I’m that sore!


Never watch the Netflix series, Friends From College with Fred Savage, Keegan-Michael Key  and Cobie Smulders….stupid, pedestrian and I’m being complimentary.

The dog was sleeping on the remote or I would have changed the channel immediately.

Hard to believe there are two seasons of this banal crap.

Elea Dessert

Do dine at Elea on the upper west side.

I previously reviewed the restaurant.

Permit me to reiterate that the food is wonderful, wine list stellar and affordable, pours generous and the staff warm and welcoming.

The upper west is a vast wasteland of culinary mediocrity…seek out Elea.

Sunday was filled with absolutely fabulous delectables.


See Capernaum.

The sorrow is devastating and could defeat you if it wasn’t for the inexhaustible will of the human spirit, exemplified by the 12 year-old star, Zain.

Forget all the other dramatic performances in 2018…this kid deserves the Oscar.

My heart was breaking, I hyperventilated, but I was so glad I experienced Capernaum.


Finally, get your stomach to Oxomoco in Greenpoint.

The food is sensational, the staff accommodating and the prices reasonable…review to follow.

Well peeps, that’s all I got.

Everyone should find something to satisfy their appetite for life.

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