That Girl…

BAM…the beginning of a new year and the start of a new life for my daughter.

Yesterday was move in day.

Courtny scoured the city and nailed a fabulous apartment in lower Manhattan.

The sofa and bed arrived so now it is officially a home.

Everything about the place is inviting…location, closet space, soaring windows and a 24 hour doorman.

Courtny has been bunking with us during the search and seizure.

I love having her around and her parental units will probably experience extreme withdrawal the next few weeks.

It is great to know that we can still co-exist peacefully and that we are all as close as ever.

I also revel in the fact that Courtny is at an exciting place in her life.

New Year, New York, New York, New city, New office setting, New apartment, New fantastic furniture, New beginnings.

My daughter is everything that every girl should be, she’s That Girl!!


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  1. Wonderful!!!

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