Teeing Off On Agent Orange…

A little “Birdy” told me that trump has a team of aides following him around on golf courses.

Is the purpose to make sure his Diet Coke and McDonald’s Whopper with extra ketchup are always close at hand in case the Tower of Blubber becomes hypoglycemic?!

No…on a golf course you can become really “Teed Off” at your inability to play 18 holes and make par each time.

In trump’s case New York Times scribe, Maggie Haberman, reports that he has a “rotating cast of aides” that follow him on the golf course while he plays and, of course, cheats, reading him compliments from Twitter or other social media outlets blowing positive reinforcement up the obese behind of the Orange sociopath.

Despite positive blogs I definitely experience glass half empty days.

I am seriously considering hiring people to follow me around and tell me how fabulous I write, how I excel at bend and snap when picking up dog poop, how I make the bathroom sparkle, how excellent my table manners are when dining out, what a kind, loving, thoughtful mother and wife I am.

I am going all in, requiring my positivity posse to employ megaphones and shake their pom poms.

I want a pep rally to surround and support all my daily activities.

Gosh, Orange I just ecstatic that I can finally relate to one of Agent Orange’s outlandish, self-absorbed ideas.


  1. 😄👏🏻🎉💐

  2. Making me laugh out loud. I may have woken my wife. But she will understand. Any commentary that shows Trump’s truly despicable character will get her approval — even if it costs her some sleep.

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