Taylor Swift Groping Case Reflects Rampant Sexism in the Music Biz…

Taylor Swift Groping Trial: Judge Dismisses DJ's Lawsuit Against Singer

Swift justice.

The case against pop star Taylor Swift was tossed out last week.

Earlier this week, Swift was served vindication and awarded the dollar she was suing for.

Being in the music biz I have seen everything wrapped in a big ugly blue male chauvinist bow.

All industries are rampant with sexism, but I can vouch for heavy rotation in the music and sports world.

I have absolutely no doubt that the young, innocent people pleasing, Swift, was violated.

The DJ decided to sue Taylor for “defamation” because he lost his job.

Remember, Taylor Swift did not initiate the lawsuit.

The moron who performed the alleged butt grabbing was suing Swift for 3 million dollars.

The lawsuit stems from an encounter in 2013 when Taylor was doing a meet and greet.

The DJ joined the photo and allegedly grabbed Taylor’s ass.

After the allegations circulated, the DJ was fired from his job.

Swift countersued for $1 to prove that it’s completely unacceptable for men to go around grabbing women’s asses.

The things I have seen and the moral dilemma that surrounds young women in the music industry is stunning.

I was physically attacked by a major record executive who held a letter opener to my neck while he had me in a death grip.

He never missed the chance to verbally harass and defame me because he couldn’t control me.

I was never one who took matters lightly and I went straight to the press because the president of the company wanted me to keep quiet.

I never exposed a megastar who was servicing one of my huge rock stars after a show.

I needed to get trade shots done.

The “it” girl wouldn’t detach so I grabbed a table at the Whisky, threw a tablecloth over it and placed it over her prone body while positioning the record label executives around the table.

I got my Billboard shot, he shot his load and she successfully landed her shot at the rock star she had been pursuing.

Everyone was satisfied if not disgusted and no one sued.

I am on Team Tay Tay and happy that she stood her ground and knocked that sexist, opportunist pig down.

Oh the stories I could tell!

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