Taste Buds Are Satiated at Papilles…

Hollywood Hole In the Wall Offers Fabulous French Fare

A restaurant in a strip mall usually spells mediocrity.

Who knew that a tiny hole in the wall restaurant tucked into a nondescript Hollywood strip mall could be so appealing.

Papilles is truly a diamond in the rough.

In addition to delicious offerings, the draw is their $35, three course fixed price menu.

Unless you do not drink or order extras, you will not exit with a $35 tab plus tip.

It is worth any additional cost.

Driving to Papilles is a journey, but life is full of new experiences.


We entered the cozy, intimate approximately 30-seat restaurant and were immediately seated.

The art-filled tiny french bistro presents a weekly set menu of modern french fare made with local produce.

It was a full house.

We loved our server Mannie who was the very busy man in charge as the restaurant was minus one server.

He was still able to provide a full accounting of the menu.

We ordered a lovely bottle of  Domaine Anne Gros & Jean-Paul Tollot ‘La 50-50’ from Languedoc one of my favorite wine regions ($60).

Our meal began with a fabulous ‘Snack’ of Oyster, Baby Spinach, Lemon Vin and Champagne Foam ($3/oyster)…adored the lemon infused foam which really balanced the briny oyster.

Other a la carte ‘Snack’ selections included, Foie Gras and Beef Terrine with Cherries and Herb Salad ($10), Croque with Asparagus ($4), and Jambon Beurre on a Baguette with Cornichons (45).

Pea Soup and Frisee Salad

David’s ‘First’ was a Frisee Salad with Potato and Artichoke in a delectable Pea Soup with Herbs.

Bouchee a la Reine

I selected Bouchee a la Reine, a Chicken Ragout in an amazing puff pastry with flavorful chicken and fresh vegetables in a mouthwatering sauce.

Bavette Steak

My main selection was tender and tasty Bavette Steak in a Red Wine Jus and Sauce Choron.

Bluenose Bass

David ordered a fabulous Bluenose Bass with squash, peppers and Fresno chili for an additional $4.

 Tomato Risotto was also a main offering.

Pommes Parisienne

We each received a side with our entree. We selected a unique Pommes Parisienne which is round french fries and a perfectly dressed Salad of Butter Lettuce, Tomato and Onion.

We finished with tempting desserts.

Creme Brûlée

The Creme Brulee was creamy and delicious with exquisitely torched sugar.

David selected the Cheese Board with Bleu des Causses, Valencay and my favorite French cheese, Comte ($8 additional charge).

The cheese was accompanied by a crispy and light baguette, imported from Tribeca bakery in New York City.

The kitchen, helmed by Claudio, worked feverishly and each plate was perfection, prepared with precision and love.

Papilles is a tempting treasure that foodies must unearth.

Papilles 6221 Franklin Avenue Hollywood, California. Monday-Friday 6-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 5:30-10pm. Strip mall and street parking. Reservations on OpenTable.com. Prix Fixe $35.  A La Carte: First $9, Main $24, Sides $5, Dessert $7.


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