Talkin’ About My Girls…


Coming home.

Always with regrets after a fabulous escape.

The best part is seeing, ‘My Girls.”

Being away from the dogs tugs at your heart.

Suffering from doggie withdrawal, I am usually drawn to every dog I encounter in foreign lands.

Upon reentry, I eagerly anticipate the reunion.

The initial hello is warm, wet, frantic and overpowering.

Quickly, you fall back into the daily routine.

Our first day home we encountered torrential rain.

Always a challenge with pets, especially in New York City.

The dogs need to be dried off, the floor tended to, the smell of wet dog eradicated, those adorable raincoats hung to dry, but that is all tolerable.

You do anything for your furry friend.

The divine connection and unbreakable bond between owner and doggie is indestructible.

Embraceable, lovable…Madison and Finnley, you had me at hello.

And, Finnley, although the act is hilarious, please refrain from stealing everyone’s socks.

sock Thief
Sock Thief

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