Taking A Bite Out Of My White Coat Fear…

I have had more teeth cleanings than NY Yankee Aaron Judge hit home runs last season.

And yet, I always strikeout whenever the fateful day arrives.

I am nervous and apprehensive.

This year I ate a gummy, put on my big girl panties and showed up.

I have traded in the old world aging NY dentist in his uninspired office with scuffed baseboards for a young, fabulous female dentist and hygienist with an attractive high tech office.

I slid onto the leather reclining chair, selected an episode of Chef’s Table (weird to feel hungry during a dental procedure), had my gums numbed and relaxed into the 50 minute cleaning.

It was a positive experience and I my usual heart palpitations stayed sequestered, the death grip on my clasped hands relaxed and the blood flowed.

To top it off I received a great report card.

I might be finally growing up, reducing my white coat dental fears and proving it’s never too late to change.

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