Take A Nothing Day…

I love my family.

Just like Mary Tyler Moore we took a “Nothing day and suddenly made it all seem worthwhile.”

We got down and dirty on Saturday, trying to renovate my Connecticut homestead while stripping it of decades of memories and collectibles.

Sunday dawned frigid yet sunny with nothing scheduled.

It was a 3am wake up call as Blake Lively and Jude Law showed up to shoot the upcoming movie, “Rhythm Section” on our block and noisily announced their pre-dawn arrival.

The day started with a walk in Central Park and then a spa experience for the girls at the west village doggie spa.

David and Courtny donned their grooming aprons and glammed up the girls.

We then strolled through Washington Square Park and Astor Place on our way to the much ballyhooed restaurant, Hanoi House, which was delectable and shall be reviewed next week.

We had a fab time and headed home taking in all the east village boutiques and unique street peeps.

We hung at Courtny’s stunning Greenwich Village abode, watching the former Syracuse University head football coach, Doug Marrone and former NY Giants head coach and now Executive VP of football Operations, Tom Coughlin, lead the Jacksonville Jaguars to an impressive victory over the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers.

It’s just so wonderful to spend family time together and enjoy each other despite living in a country governed by a shithole racist.

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