Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

Derek Jeter's Butt
Derek Jeter’s Butt

A new week and I am happy to report that I begin the holiday week not perspiring! I have to give props to my new blog. It has occupied and distracted me and dried me out. Who needs a doctor when you are stimulated and busy! Also, thank you all so much for following my blog. In 2 weeks I exceeded 1000 hits and in my uninformed opinion, that sounds pretty damn good! Props to all my followers. Please continue to hit me with your best shot!

I have received a bucket full of feedback on my comments about sports bridging the sexes, being a great equalizer at work and a dating tool. Its summertime and so I would like to introduce to you to the ‘Boys of Summer’.

Baseball is probably the easiest sport to understand and, true that, a really fun way to spend a summer day outside, surrounded by tight butts and buff arms.

Seriously, a day at the baseball park can be a gas. You are outdoors at any one of a number of amazing architecturally beautiful baseball parks  and the food has progressed well beyond the old days of peanuts and cracker jacks to border line gourmet.

The new Yankee Stadium is in theory, a 21st century upgrade on the iconic old Yankee Stadium. Indulge in a Lobel’s prime beef sandwich, dine at the top notch NYY Steakhouse and best of all, relive sweet childhood memories with a Carvel swirl with sprinkles which is served up in an adorable Yankee helmet.

Fenway Park in Boston is a classic, old time ball park. Craving a New England Lobster roll?  You won’t strikeout at Fenway. Baltimore Oriole Park at Camden Yard is an amazing ballpark with such sophisticated cuisine as cedar plank salmon, made to order Asian tacos and hot Asian buns filled with edamame or barbeque. Featured desserts are crowd pleasing chocolate stout cupcakes filled with mousse.

San Francisco’s AT&T Park sports the trademark Coca-Cola super slide, “little Giants” ballpark where the kids can play baseball, speed pitch and a photo booth all to entertain the younger generation while the adults gratify themselves with sushi, Napa Valley wines and crab cake sandwiches.

Another timeless ballpark is Wrigley Field in Chicago where the Cubs play and usually lose. The Sheffield sandwich is a hearty 2 fisted sandwich ½ French dip, ½ Italian beef piled high on a crusty roll with provolone. Kauffman Stadium, home to the KC Royals features delish barbeque and Pittsburgh Pirates PNC Park is another thoughtfully designed and executed park and for $38 offers all you can eat seats in right field.

Get high on Rocky Mountain oysters at the Colorado Rockies Coors Field. Score at interactive Target Field, home to the Minnesota Twins, with the noteworthy Kramarczuk’s bratwurst dog, espressos and smoothies. Keeping with the California crowds culinary demands, order up custom tacos, craft microbrews and a killer brisket sandwich at Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

You can spend big bucks on major seats or for $15-30 seat in the bleachers with a spectacular panoramic view and lots of enthusiastic and knowledgeable fans. You also have a chance to meet a cute guy because real men go to sporting events.

Professionally, baseball offers great marketing opportunities. For an emerging artist, performing the national anthem at a major league baseball game is fabulous exposure. For stars, singing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the World Series, is a marque moment and garners a huge amount of press.

Heres a brief baseball synopsis:

There are 9 men on the field, 3 in the outfield, 4 in the infield, 1 pitcher on the mound(not your lady parts, although for many years I have dreamt about statuesque Yankee pitcher, Andy Pettitte, right there), but the little hill in the middle of the infield and a catcher behind the plate where the batter stands. An umpire stands behind the catcher and calls balls, strikes and outs. There are 3 outs in each inning. The visiting team always starts the game and comes to bat in the TOP of the inning. The home team bats in the BOTTOM half of the inning.

There are 9 innings in a game unless at the end of 9 innings (regulation play) the game is tied. Then they go into extra innings and the winner is declared when an inning ends and someone has scored. The longest recorded major league game is 25 innings.

Pitchers start a game and can be relieved at any time. The goal is to pitch at least 7 innings. Many teams have 8th inning specialists called relievers and then the 9th inning pitcher is called the closer who comes in to get the final outs in a close game when their team is leading. For extra points, mention NY Yankees pitcher, Mariano Rivera and someone will be impressed as he is considered the greatest closer in the history of the game.

The manager, who runs the team, always sets the lineup. The first batter is the leadoff man. The player in the 3-hole bats 3rd.  The batting line up resumes where it left off the prior inning. You score a run when a player moves around the bases by hitting a single (1 base), a double (2 bases) or a triple (3 base). The runner also advances when he walks (4 balls) or steals a base. The player scores after reaching home plate safely. He can also hit a home run which is when the ball leaves the playing field in fair territory.

  • The following is a smattering of the ABC’s of baseball:
  • Aboard: a runner reaches base.
  • Ace-the star pitcher on the team.
  • Assist-if a fielder throws the ball to another fielder who makes the out at one of the bases.
  • Balk-if a pitcher doesn’t pitch the ball after he has started his motion. Runners are than awarded an extra base.
  • Base on ball-if the pitcher throws 4 balls (hitter doesn’t swing), he is then awarded first base.
  • Bases loaded-every base has a runner.
  • Batting around-an inning in which all 9 batters appear at the plate without 3 outs being made.
  • Bloop-a softly hit, which goes very the infielders and short of the outfielders for a base hit.
  • Check swing-when the hitter starts to swing and stops before going all the way around.
  • Caught looking-when a batter is called out on strikes without swinging.
  • Donut-circular shape weight that slides over the bat to add weight during on deck warm-up.
  • Doubleheader-2 games on the same day.
  • E is for enough information.

Batter up and take yourself out to the ball game…eat, drink, observe…it’s America’s Pastime!

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  1. Fantastic Toby!!! So well written. Explained exactly what you needed to know
    Perfect. Can’t help noticing before you got to explaining the game – we had the menu of what to eat wherever we go. Most important info of all
    Need to review this before another sport
    Maybe a mid term will be in order

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