Take Me Away…


I am valiantly trying to curb my frustration along with sugar consumption.

Since Ukraine was inhumanely invaded, I have become acutely aware of how fortunate I am to live in a democracy despite its frustrations.

I tried desperately to rein my frustration in early yesterday morning.

My husband had to be at a medical appointment in Pasadena by 6:45am.

I drove him and it took 35 minutes to get there.

I dropped him off, turned around and took the 110 freeway to the 10.

For 1 hour and 45 minutes my top speed for about 2 whole minutes was 17 mph. I pretty much braked at 2 mph the rest of the time.

I could not even change lanes so I watched the sun beam off the rhinestone license plate holder on the white Ford Edge in front of me for 1:45.

I finally exited in West Los Angeles and went to Trader Joe’s…according to Waze, when I exited I was still 30 minutes from home.

I must confess to rolling up the windows and for a brief moment screaming in frustration and thinking that I am wasting gas at $6.05 a gallon (I filled up yesterday at the “cheap” gas station).

I then resumed singing along with Mariah Carey to Dream Lover, “I need somebody uplifting to take me away…”

Yesterday I failed to curb my enthusiasm for restraining my frustration…today is another day.

BTW, my lack of sugar intake fared better.



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