David Sweat, Joyce Mitchell, Richard Matt  photo:mirror.com.uk
David Sweat, Joyce Mitchell, Richard Matt photo:mirror.co.uk

There’s a new dating service…tailormade.com.

The only caveat is the men are from a confined dating pool and all set ups are in bars.

Seriously, women have hit a new low.

Talk about the glass ceiling…how about the maximum security ceiling.

I know it is difficult to date as well as meet interesting people. Often, the workplace is the only viable outlet, but picking up men who are convicted criminals and serving life terms is a new low.

The prison guard who went jailin’ with the two notorious convicts, David Sweat and Richard Matt…even if one was purportedly well hung…is beyond desperate and pathetic. Additionally, this moron already had a husband.

The former prison employee’s excuse was that she wasn’t feeling loved so she looked to a man who kidnapped, tortured and dismembered a boss he did not like and another who has been a felon since childhood and killed a sheriff’s deputy.

Talk about being attracted to bad boys…this is the most literal interpretation I have ever heard.

Joyce ‘Tillie’ Mitchell, the prison employee who rounded out the threesome, would have ‘Sweaty’ sexual interludes in an 8-foot-by-15-foot stockroom inside the tailor shop at the prison.

‘Tillie’s’ exploits with the 35-year-old Sweat purportedly went on for at least a half-hour at a time. They were allegedly screwing like rabbits four times a week in a confined closet within the tailor shop with a captive audience listening in, only a slim wooden door separating the diddlers from the incarcerated ding dongs.

The threesome even contemplated knocking off Mitchell’s husband, Lyle, who also worked at the Clinton Correctional Facility. What a fun group of party animals.

I also want to understand how two convicts who committed heinous crimes and were probably in prison for life were placed in honor blocks due to good behavior.

The inmates in that section of the prison were able to cook, visit one another’s cells and were generally given more liberties than inmates in other areas of the prison. Their assignment on the honor block also allowed them to wear and keep regular clothing other than their prison uniforms….these type of privileges aren’t even offered mandatory uniform wearing students at posh, expensive private institutions.

I do believe in people being reformed, finding Jesus, but if you read anything about Matt and Sweat they did not appear to be candidates for either proviso.

If I ever find myself single, I think I will take the safe route and try Match.com, Tinder or JDate.com instead of fishing in the felon fecal dating pool.

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