Tackling Life…

Tackled 2 issues yesterday.

My beloved NY Football Giants kicked off the exhibition season.

Would the 2018 team look better than the pathetic 2017 squad?!

The very first play of the game the Giants #1 draft choice, running back, Sequon Barkley, ran for 39 yards from scrimmage.

And then it was downhill from there.

Before kickoff, I huddled with my gyno.

Birthdays come once a year as do annual lady bits check ups.

In years past, my mom and I had our usual game plan…I would call Queen E. and say that I didn’t want to go.

She always exclaimed, “There is nothing to fear, lay back, relax and call me right after.”

Well, I didn’t punt, showed up and all’s well, thank you very much.

Sadly, this time I high 5’d myself over a turmeric ginger tea.

Superficially, the good news…I am still defying time and gravity without an assist from silicone.

It happened so quickly, but I am at that stage in life where I need to check in on folate, B12, Vitamin D and bone density levels.

Too much reality.

Hope you all tackle the weekend with gusto.

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