Do Your Boobs Hang Low…


I used to get into probing discussions with my mother, Queen E., about gravitational pull.

She was not a voluptuous woman yet in later life I began to notice her waistline was being invaded by her bustline.

After perusing her lingerie drawer I realized that her bras strongly resembled my Littlest Angel training bras that I used to don when I was a “budding” teenager.

I proceeded to have her fitted for a more supportive garment.

She balked saying she wasn’t comfortable being wired.

I tried to explain that bras had come a long way and was no longer a confining relic from the iron clad Rosie the Riveter times.

I couldn’t handle her sagging look so I bought her a designer fanny pack as camouflage.

Also, she was in need of a resting place for her wayward bosoms.

I thought of her condition on Saturday as I lounged at a restaurant on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.

We sat outside and many of the passerby’s were women over 60 sporting low slung breasts.

Yes, I know that things head downward at that post menopausal age, but why when so many women pay big bucks for smooth visages can’t they just treat the rest of the body to a lift?!

Even respected politicians, celebrities, talking heads fall prey to the gravitational pull and just succumb.

Women over 60, RISE UP!

We support you.

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