Sunshine Girl…


Am I the only one who looks forward to get togethers and are often let down?

I don’t know what it is, but it seems to happen with disappointing regularity.

Are my expectations too high?!

Maybe it stems from being pumped for sporting events and losing way too often.

I need to come back as a New England Patriots fan…that will cut way down on stress and disappointment.

Also, whenever I declare life grand or rave about someone’s health, the worst happens.

A week before my mom passed away I marveled at her health and mental acumen.

Departing New York last month I commented on how well our doggie, Madison, was doing and then 2 trips to the animal hospital and $5,000 later, we are working on healing her, yet again.

Is it just me or do others have a struggle with being glass half full positive?

I was nonchalant about our return flight from Mexico City which is huge for me since I am not a happy flyer.

Well, we had turbulence the entire way.

If I had anticipated a rocky road would the flight have been smooth?

My husband views life through rose colored glasses.

He is Mr. Positivity.

He takes the ups and downs in stride.

I absorb all the negativity and end up cloaked in black as opposed to David’s sunny mantra.

Thankfully, our daughter is fair and balanced.

I need to work on my positivity…perhaps it is a learned behavior where my mom believed in the glass half empty philosophy or old fashion superstition (sure, blame the parent).

Okay…fill er up.

I will start rehearsing for a lifelong role in my own personal episodic version of the Sunshine Girl.

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