Sunrise, Sunset…

I experience a sunrise and think of my dad.

I witness a sunset and think of my dad.

We danced together at my one and only wedding to Sunrise, Sunset…it was his favorite song.

He was a fabulously elegant dancer and commanded the dance floor…all 6’2” of him.

Maybe that is why these daily occurrences touch my soul.

I just watched a gorgeous Santa Fe sunset.

I thought of my handsome, driven father who at 65 sold his successful business and decided to spend the rest of his days enjoying life and having an adult cocktail at every sunset.

For my mother the sun rose and set around him.

Your memory does fade at times yet it is resurrected at every sunrise.💜

Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly fly the years
One season following another
Laden with happiness and tears.


  1. 💜. He was elegant. The right word. I loved your parents

    Dad’s are special in a different way then are our mothers. I miss my Dad too

  2. Love the picture! And, of course, your mom is wearing purple! Love the elegance of both your parents. Given your mom’s background, its appropriate they were both elegant dancers! Beautiful memories!

  3. Cathy Newman says:

    Beautiful, dear friend. Weren’t we lucky to have such great dads?


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