Sunrise Escape…

Departed the bitter cold for life in sunny California.

Took a gloriously empty jet plane yesterday.

Interesting that America appears to be the only country that does not engage in a vaccination card check at the airport…dumb move!

I am happy to report that the pilot was an excellent driver, but the airport transportation drivers were the worst.

The silent outbound Russian drove like the KGB was in pursuit and the bejeweled LA driver bragged as much as he took his foot on and off the gas pedal relating that he was a frequent OJ Simpson driver and told us that OJ’s son, a sushi chef who never left home without his knives, was  an alleged accomplice.

Welcome to LaLaLand.

Our home greeted us with open arms and no need for renovations.

We proceeded to walk to town for sustenance in shorts and t-shirts a far cry from the snowy, frigid weather we left behind, but New York City  still owns my 💜…

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