Sunday Sojourn…

Road trip.

Last Sunday we were restless and ready to flee the city.

The Three Amigos plus Finnley jumped into our Volvo and headed to upstate New York, destination Hudson Valley.

It was early, traffic light and the Palisades Parkway picturesque.

We pulled onto the vintage looking Main Street in Cold Spring, New York and enjoyed a hearty outdoor breakfast at Hudson Hil’s Cafe.

We strolled the town centre with its plethora of antique shops and then traveled the back roads, paralleling the Hudson River, destination Beacon.

The Dia Beacon was on our agenda, but our doggie was with us and art and canine are not a mixed media appreciated at a museum.

Instead, we switched gears and headed to a fashion exhibit…the iconic Woodbury Commons.

We hit up Gucci, Dior, Burberry, Fendi, Golden Goose…

Alexander McQueen was nirvana, scooping up gorgeous clothing at 80% off.

Homeward bound, the traffic across the George Washington Bridge was at a standstill.

With the irrational fear of being stuck in the middle of the GW Bridge with the 16 mile deep Hudson River lurking below the metal girders, offering a 212 foot drop into the rapidly flowing water, we improvised 😱

We ended up taking a delectable detour to Jack’s Lobster Shack in Edgewater, New Jersey indulging in Steamed Clams and Connecticut style warm Lobster Rolls.

After dinner the Bridge traffic, thankfully, had abated.

The retreat with food, fashion and family proved to be fabulous.


Photo: Only In Your State

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