Sunday Night Football…

Great day with the family.

Toured upstate New York.

Made stops in Beacon, Cold Spring, KIngston, Poughkeepsie and our fav, Rhinebeck.

At home right now preparing for Sunday Night Football.


My beloved but hideously disappointing New York Giants will be on national TV tonight playing the dreaded Cowgirls.

Firstly, we always suck on nighttime broadcasts and secondly, I believe that the NY Giants will never win again as long as I am capable of getting off the couch without assistance.

It is going to be a long night and my daughter, Courtny just left so my emotional support aide is gone.

David could give two shits.

The dogs fear the screaming and cries of anguish.

My mother is not here to share my pain.

And I was foolish enough to believe that being a sports fan offered recreational enjoyment, diversion and relief from every day routine.


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  1. ah….too bad and sad

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