Sunday Blues…

keep calm

It’s Sunday around 6pm…seems a lot later with the time change. Today, I adhered to the Daylight Savings Time rules and I fell back…into a Sunday funk.

Sunday Night Football is on so that evens me out a bit. We all have our adult pacifiers. The sound of sports playing in the background is my Valium or grown up lullaby.

Every since I can remember Sunday at 5 or 6 pm has sent me into a tailspin…no matter how great my day has been you can color me Sunday blue. The bottom drops out. Even when the New York Giants win big, it happens.


My earliest Sunday blues recollection is in elementary school. Sunday homework can shift moods. I always loved when it snowed on a Sunday night. We would take a shot glass and place it by the front door. Inevitably, when the glass filed to the brim with snow, school was canceled.

During college, Sunday nights signified the end of concentrated partying and the reality of a test or paper due on Monday…we all pulled Sunday all-nighters, highlighted by chicken noodle soup and tuna fish sandwiches at 3am, with a massive chocolate chip cookie chaser from the 24 hour snack bar in the dorm.

The real World (not the MTV show) introduced me to Sunday nights that marked the beginning of long work weeks and extensive road trips with the bands, working a good 20 hours a day…nothing like hangin’ in a huge arena, watching Jethro Tull for the 125th time and then having to mingle with the band and their tea lady after the Sunday night show!

In my menopausal decade, Sunday is just a big blue bummer even though the pressure and prior mandatory obligations have been reduced. I am watching the Indianapolis Colts play the Houston Texans surrounded by my incredible family, including the amazing dogs (a recipe for happiness), wearing my Big Blue Wrecking Crew t-shirt and feeling blue for no other reason than it’s Sunday evening…go figure.

Oh blue hoo…lighten up and break with tradition…not going to happen.

Good news, bad news…Sunday Blues has been legitimized by the medical world…it is a recognized condition.

blue women

Between girlfriends, do you experience Sunday Blues?!

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