Sunday Blues…

Since childhood, I have had the Sunday Night Blues.

Historically, what bummed me out was that school was the next day or the NY Giants had lost on Sunday.

It has been my beast of burden for decades.

Recently, I found the cure…spend the day with my husband and daughter.

That’s my Ecstasy.

This past Sunday we rendezvous’d in Courtny’s ‘hood and took the doggies to the Village Doggie Wash and scrubbed them clean, followed by a stroll around Washington Square Park and the always happening Village.

We then tripped the light fantastic and caught the Off-Broadway play, Harry Clarke, a Billy Crudup one-man, captivating, sexually charged tour de force.

The intimate Minetta Lane Theatre is a great venue and Crudup was outstanding.

Harry Clarke is the story of a shy, abused Midwestern boy who leaves at 18 and ends up leading an outrageous double life.

Moving to New York City and presenting himself as a confidant Englishman and former Sade tour manager, he charms his way into a wealthy family’s life as the seductive and precocious Harry.

Afterwards, we headed to Gottino which is a charming wine bar with delectable small plates, offering cheese, meats, dried figs with ricotta almonds and honey, meatballs and multiple other tantalizing dishes.

I adore our Sunday excursions with my fabulous family.

We really enjoy each other.

Buh Bye, Sunday Blues.

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  1. My brother and I used to live at 9 Minetta Lane, next to the Fat Black Pussycat Cafe’, just around the corner from the Cafe’ Wha?, the Bistro, the street vendors and all things Bohemian turned Flower Children, 1967. I was there 12 years ago, and they have — crinnnnngee — modernized it all! How can a historical city like NY allow that?!

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