Summer TGIF….

It seems that a new business trend in America is half day summer Fridays.

Therefore, I am going to join the lucky masses and publish short yet succinct Friday posts for the next two months.

My daughter has been experiencing work summer TGIF for several years and she is encouraging me to get up to speed.

I miss Friday Summers in The City with her.

We heavily indulged in Ladies Who Lunch, Museum expeditions, retail therapy, movies and long doggie walks.

My husband never takes time off…he’s dedicated to a strict work ethic.

So as I write this at 3am Friday morning preparing for the Nadal/Federer Wimbledon semi-final, I’m putting my sleepy, limited thoughts out there.

I am still starring in, My Left Foot (crazy ankle injury) so my life is all about spin class.

Why does it take 45 minutes to travel 4.3 miles to the dreaded Equinox in Santa Monica?

I actually hate the club.

Everyone looks miserable even though they are young and fit.

Parking is more taxing than a Hermès pop up sale.

Every class is centered around millennials who are dedicated to gawking at their reflection in the mirrored workout rooms while simultaneously  flipping their processed blonde hair.

Pilates classes are nonexistent because the kids view it as old lady exercising.

Now to the positive stuff.

I have to say my hair is enjoying a lovely summer without the east coast humidity.

I love our local farmers markets….expensive, but rewarding and the $10 a dozen farm fresh eggs are really worth the price…what a difference.

The gladiolas are giant, last longer and a dozen are only $9.

Seeing the ocean everyday is a true gift.

Cooking is my life.

I adore my walk in closet.

As a part time New Yorker, I bow down to my in-house washer/dryer and garbage disposal.

Driving to and from a grocery store is orgasmic.

Thankfully, MLB is back tonight as I really missed my boys of summer this week while they took an hiatus for the All-Star game.

Play ball.

Enjoy your summer Friday and have a groovy weekend.



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  1. Thank you for some much needed comic relief as always!! Enjoy the West Coast – as NYC’ers, we can totally relate to you bowing down to garbage disposals (even the $10 million penthouse apartment in our building doesn’t have a garbage disposal!!) Lucky you with no humidity – my hair is in permanent ‘lock-down’ ponytail mode for the rest of the summer weather (unless I get a windfall to afford a keratin treatment). Enjoy the beach and half-day Fridays – – love your posts !

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