Sugar Time…

Wahoo, great takeout.

It is Restaurant Week in Los Angeles and I was perusing the takeout menus.

Sugarfish has always been a back up because we are beyond loyal to Hide Sushi for the past 40 years.

Unfortunately, Hide is shuttered during the pandemic with no indication as to its future.

I noticed that the Sugarfish Restaurant Week menu was tempting and a good deal.

We were thrilled with the delicious, well balanced meal.

The sushi was generous and fresh.

I forgot how much I missed edamame.

The contents of the adorably attractive packaging are: Salmon Sashimi, 2 pieces of Albacore, Salmon, Yellowtail and Large Scallop, 4 pieces of Toro cut roll and 4 pieces of Crab cut roll.

Soy, Ponzu and Yuku Ponzu sauces along with green onion, ginger and lemon are included.

The meal is available all day for $35.

LA Restaurant Week ends September 18th.

If you miss the special The To-Go Trust Me is similar and always available for $33 in both New York and Los Angeles.

Sugarfish 1345 Second Street Santa Monica, California. Multiple locations in Los Angeles and NYC.

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  1. Kazunori is doing it too!

    Just beware of Postmates. We ordered once from Sugarfish and another time from Kazu and both times the orders did not never showed up!😳 Better to pick up, imo!

    But since we had a credit, we tried againlast night and my son was outside watching the car pull up. They would have gone to the wrong house again!

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