And now for something completely different.

We were invited to a private Jonas Brothers concert at Madison Square Garden.

I have never ever been to a concert where I did not know 80% of the lyrics.

I never knew the JoBros had so many hits.

They were fresh off their Las Vegas residency and the MSG audience literally knew every word to every single song.

There were pyrotechnics and a 5-piece band (3 guitarists, keyboard, drums) with two back up singers  supporting Nick, Joe and Kevin.

The Jonas Brothers glittered up on stage…lots of rhinestones and leather.

I finally joined in and got my engine started with Joe Jonas and DNCE’s hit, Cake By the Ocean, then S.O.S., followed by Only Human and then the grand finale of their mega hit, Sucker.

I have no photos because our phones were confiscated and hermetically sealed.

The boys in the band loved the phone ban and were excited that the audience actually watched the show instead of recording it.

I’m a Sucker for a good show.

Checking Amazon now for the Jonas Brothers catalogue for my husband.😎🤣

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