Subway Subterfuge…

Dangerous minds.

Agent Orange did so much damage to this country.

He normalized hatred and acting out.

Add in the side effects from the pandemic and the resulting end game is  the  inmates have taken over the asylum.

Hate, crime, insanity has all risen to the top like the film on cooling chicken soup.

Skim off the scum.

Easier said than done.

Yesterday at noontime I hopped the 1 train headed downtown.

I had a unique confrontation with a ripe homeless man.

Times are so strange that they is a real conflict between staying in place and enduring the crazy or moving and having to deal with the wrath of rejection.

Thankfully, I moved my seat and he left me alone or I would have pushed back and who knows how that may have ended.

On the way home, a total nut bag dropped down onto his knees in front of me and started babbling. I was boxed in. After 5 minutes he crawled forward to bother another passenger.

I couldn’t decide what was worse…his incessant whining and begging or his making physical contact with a NYC subway floor!

Then another guy attempts to follow me home shadowing my steps.

I have never ever experienced anything like this and all in one day.

At this point I had had it.

I turned around, stood stock-still and start screaming.

He took off.

And all I have read about in Los Angeles is people being followed home from restaurants and clubs being robbed and pistol whipped in their own driveways.

You cannot risk wearing expensive jewelry or carrying designer bags.

Mean streets.

Instead of prescribing OxyCotin the medical community should band together and medically treat all these mentally ill lost suffering souls.

What a world.

Take care, be aware and stay well.


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  1. Cathy Newman says:

    Awful. Glad you are safe. All the crazy subway folks are one the things I do not miss about NYC.

    So sorry…

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