Subrogation Sleuthing…

I can now add insurance subrogator and private dick to my resume.

I am pleased to announce that I have recovered 100% of the claim for my insurance company from our latest flooding episode.

Flood #7 greeted us upon our return from Peru in June. The damages were in the thousands of dollars. The upstairs culprits never filed a claim. This is not unusual, but this episode of, Coop Water Boarding, had a new twist…the legal eagle husband of the unstable AARP water bug died from open heart surgery complications recently.

Now she lives alone and is unsupervised and we are on constant red alert for her next water park mad cap adventure.

How do you sue a medicated recently widowed whacky woman? The insurance company is legally handcuffed because they can only subrogate if they specifically know the culprit’s insurer.

We had hit the wall and faced insurance cancellation. We hired an attorney. Letters to the Coop board fell on deaf ears…real surprise there. Isn’t the root of cooperative, cooperate?!

I was motivated by rage, anger and I was just plain fed up. Four flooding episodes in two years…$85.000 worth of damage.

I boned up on Columbo DVD’s, donned my Burberry raincoat, grabbed my fedora and hit the street.

Wacky water woman has children. She has been unattended to since we moved in. I hunted down family, trustees and after 5 months of dogged investigation I find out why they never made a claim…no one will insure them.

Emails are exchanged and after relentless pursuit and inspired by menopausal tenaciousness, deep rooted anger from so much flooding and inspired by seven NY Giants losses in a row, the full amount plus my deductible is returned to our insurance company…and I receive a thank you note from the official subrogator for doing his job.

The latest repairs to our bedroom ceiling were completed upon our return from our European sojourn. I can now lie down on my bed and my view is not impeded by cracks, bubbles and holes.


Episode #7 comes to a close, although we still have to wrap the bedroom in protected tarp every single damn time we exit our home.

If this blog and my p.r. gig dries up, I can always seek out employment as an insurance subrogator or private investigator.

Happy days are here again…hopefully, dry ones.

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