Stormy Weather…


Are you kidding me?

It’s winter again.

Cold, windy, dreary.

Saturday we were all high on life and the promise of spring.

You can’t get better than springtime in New York City.

The weather was sunny, clear, no humidity, 70 degrees.

Saturday after spin class we took the doggies to Central Park for breakfast and then walked the Park for the next 4 hours.

Central Park

Winter had been so harsh that on Saturday hope sprang eternal.

We did not want to be inside along with literally thousands and thousands of others of like mind, frolicking in Central Park.

Weather really affects your mood.

Saturday we were energetic and carefree.

It was all about being outside and drinking in Vitamin D.

Dreary Sunday in NYC

Sunday we lazed around in the morning. It was cold.

Saturday had inspired us, then, BAM, we were quickly set up for failure.

Even getting up and out to go to a 10am movie seemed imposing.

Weather plays into your emotions.

When I am in California during football season and it’s sunny and 80 at 10am I feel torn about staying in to watch football.

In New York City, I welcome cold and dreary conditions for Sunday football watching unless it’s a home game.

There should be a personal app where you can program the weather to match your state of mind or physical circumstances.

Can you imagine being able to program wedding weather, hair blow out humidity levels or sporting events condition?

Any of you control freaks up to the challenge…get to work.

In light of the weather and political climate here’s a little ditty for a rainy Monday:



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