Stone Cold Dictator…

Are you as angry as I am about our homeland being under siege under Agent Orange’s dictatorship?!

Attorney General William Barr and the Justice Department just weighted in after Trump’s tweet, intervening with the prosecution’s case by undercutting them and recommending a  reduced sentence for Agent Orange’s whore, Roger Stone.

How can anyone criticize Nancy Pelosi for ripping up the State of the Union lyin’ sack of shit speech when Trump and his cronies are tearing apart and voiding the United States Constitution.

The Stone prosecution team quit in protest, but as with Lt. Col. Vindman and the fake statement previously issued that the DOJ would protect him against recrimination, it’s all a farce.

Vindman’s sin was that he complied with congressional subpoenas and testified…the horror of being a law abiding citizen.

Breaking News, Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus just rejoined the autocratic administration…what is old, used up and fired is new again.

Wait for it, Steve Bannon should be back any day now.

Politics has just driven a gaping hole into the law of the land.

We need to rise up, take to the streets, on election day make the effort to pick up anyone who cannot get to the polls.

We are in crisis.

Get angry…we should all be mad as hell and not willing to take it anymore.


  1. Being born and raised in the country that invented and applied fascism to society and had mussolini in power fro 20 years I can say that this right here, right now, has all the common traits of a populist-isolationist-propaganda based dictatorship. My mother in law wore a “Keep America Great” sweatshirt on Christmas Day. The level of cultism and brainwash is reaching extremely alarming new unforeseen levels. I’m super concerned.

  2. Agree what is happening is so so wrong..he does what ever he wants and never gets even a slap on the hand..if you stand up to him you are gone.unreal that he is still there

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