Still The One…

Pandemic…The new marriage barometer.

I believe the new normal marriage metric is 1 year of pandemic quarantine togetherness equals a decade of wedded life.

I am thrilled to report that on our 36th wedding anniversary and our 41st year together, we are, as Ashford and Simpson sang, “solid as a rock.”

Other then sleeping and we are still entwined, we  have not been apart in months and months.

This has been a challenging year…Agent Orange, the Pandemic, David’s emergency surgery and lengthy recovering, dealing with unnecessary nastiness at one of our living spaces and throw into the mix all the other crap life dumps on you.

My one constant is my husband who is probably the nicest, kindest, most generous, consistent person I have ever known and, bonus, he can fix anything.

Despite some typical male shortcomings which can intermittently get on my “perfect” nerves, we probably would never have any eruptions if I did not take time to fan the flames!

So, on our wedding anniversary, I salute the man, our unbreakable bond, the beyond amazing daughter we created and of course, my wild card contributions!

Happy Anniversary, David, you still Light My Fire.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! All good wishes go with

  2. Happy Anniversary! You’re simply the best.

  3. Ellie lupo says:

    Love all that you wrote….best wishes on this anniversary and many more to come

  4. Happy Anniversary! And many more adventures to come…❤️

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