Still Living In Darkness…

Does anyone else still feel emotionally compromised?

I was firm in my belief that once Agent Orange was removed from office and his tweets were silenced that I would have a skip in my step and my unwavering addiction to MSNBC would ease up.

Well I am sad to report that I still feel underwater.

Politically, I can not believe that the Republicans are unanimous in blocking every bill that would benefit Americans.

I am in disbelief with how negative the atmosphere is in this country.

I am gobsmacked by people burning masks and ignorant Republican governors lifting all Covid mandates.

Am I naive in thinking that 50-60,000 reported daily cases of Covid is still a humungus amount?

How can 28% of Texans say they will not get a COVID-19 vaccine when it’s available to them and another 15% are unsure, according to the latest University of Texas polling.

How are policemen still killing allegedly innocent black citizens after the public slaughter of George Floyd?

I think the Biden administration is performing miracles in only 48 days in office.

I just want to feel an overall sense of relief and a respite from the waves of negativity, anger, fear and hate.

I am constantly in search of positive inspiration.

I am thrilled to have mainlined Moderna twice.

I feel a sense of relief, but I am not changing my Coronaville lifestyle.

Lately, I do not want to watch TV News or read all my news emails or peruse the NY Times…instead I am drawn to upbeat  entertainment whether it is a RomCom, dancing in the kitchen with Alexa to great throwback songs, creating new meals, reading on the beach or dreaming about future travel destinations.

Unfortunately, sadness still rears it’s ugly head.

I am also struggling with the concept of mingling with people again.

Anyway, I know I have so much to be thankful for, but that homily just doesn’t fill the happiness tank because outside influences are at play.

I guess I’ll just keep on Dancin’ and a Prancing’ until I find a permanent gleeful groove.

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