Stew In One’s Own Juice…

Historically, I am a tosser.

No, hopefully not an obnoxious jerk as the British define the word, but a food tosser.

Just like you reject an unappealing blind date or a contentious girlfriend, at the first sight of a soft spot the food item is banished.

Today’s recipe is simple, easy and has a back story.

My husband is the essence of fabulosity and he can fix anything, but his Achilles heel is grocery shopping.

In all fairness he is a grocery store virgin.

Things changed when he became the designated pandemic shopper.

I make the lists, provide the store map and route he should take at Gelson’s and Trader Joe’s and breathlessly wait by the phone to lend moral support while on his journey.

His acumen in the market is improving, but he will allegedly never be a produce manager.

The last trip I was all about stone fruit.

The list included peaches, nectarines, plums.

The message was hard is better then soft which I thought any male could relate to.

Additionally, step away from the soft spots.

Well, when he returned from his mission the fruit looked like it had marched with this week’s demonstrators…many were bruised and battered.

My first defiant response was to toss them out and then I had a fruit epiphany.

I will stew them.

I cut up the defeated fruit into slices and then proceeded to do the following:

Add an inch of water into the sauce pan filled with the fruit.

Dump in a teaspoon of sugar.

Option to add blueberries for color.

Heat over low flame until fruit softens and begins to bubble…about 15-20 minutes.

Allow compote to cool.

Serve on its own, over yogurt, ice cream, sour cream or make a fabulous Sangria with it.

To make Sangria just mix the fruit in with:

1 bottles dry red Spanish table wine (Rioja,Tempranilla, Grenache)

1/4 cup brandy

1/4 cup triple sec if the sangria is not sweet enough for you after marinating with the stewed fruit

Sangria is best served very cold and marinated so prepare several hours or a day ahead.


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