Snowmaggedon has been prophesied about for the past five days.

Yesterday, Stella hit with abandon.

6000 flights were cancelled, alternate side of the street parking was suspended, schools were closed, Amtrak practically shutdown, buses were sidelined, subway travel modified and every major museum except for MoMA was shuttered.

In anticipation of the impending blizzard, I journeyed out early on a sparkling yet cool Monday morning.

At 8am, I headed uptown to the gourmet market, Citarella, as I thought it would be less insane than Trader Joe’s and Fairway.

When I walked by Trader Joe’s which is a three level grocery store, the line had already formed from the escalator on the top floor, out the door and down the block.

I first I thought Springsteen tickets were on sale, but no, it was New Yorkers who couldn’t live without Joe.

The scheduled blizzard was less that 24 hours away, but I assume people thought they would starve to death if they did not stock up on provisions.

The deepest cut during the snowstorm is the inability for delivery guys to get around on their bikes to transport highly coveted takeout.

That is a game changer in New York City which comes to a standstill without pizza, Chinese, Mexican or Chirping Chicken delivery.

Madison was scheduled for her toe amputation on Tueday.

The vet called to reschedule as her sled dogs were curtailed.

Tuesday at 5am, all the doormen on our street were out shoveling and salting, cleaning the paths for the inmates.

Central Park was empty except for me, Finnley and a few obsessed joggers.

Finnley had the time of her life, bounding through the snow.

Yesterday, was a throwback snow day from my previous life as a Connecticut kid.

As I did in my youth, I placed a shot glass outside my door to measure snowfall…final count 8 inches, way short of the predicted absurd 18 inch bonanza.

Ahhh, memories of simpler times.

Today, dawns cold and clear.

We will see how long it takes to resume normal programming.

Sheep Meadow in Central Park


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