Stand Down…

I’m mad as hell and can’t bleeping take it anymore.

In 2020 women are still under fire from the opposite sex.

We are fed up with being psychologically and physically abused by men.

Kamala Harris was interrupted at least 10 times last night during the Vice Presidential Debate because Flyboy who apparently cannot do anything without his mommy/wife around felt he could be disrespectful to a highly successful  woman.

Kamala’s credentials are way more impressive then Pence’s…it took Pence 3 attempts to be elected as a congressman and he still has not mastered the art of being a gentleman.

Ironic since Karen Pence wears the pants in the family.

Agent Orange called Senator Harris a “monster” after the debate because he is intimidated by commanding females like Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Yesterday, we learned that there was a white supremacist plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The heinous plan included transporting her to Wisconsin, trying the governor for “treason” then executing her before the November 2020 elections.

I am sure that trump’s shout out to “LIBERATE MICHIGAN” after there was a backlash against Governor Whitmer’s mask and quarantine Spring mandate added to the tension and encouraged these vigilantes to respond to trump’s lock and load declaration.


Because she is a strong, whip smart, powerful woman who cowed these acne scarred, ignorant white men who carry around their AK-47s to prove their virility because they all have small dicks and minuscule brains.

I could go on and on, but I won’t which brings me to the other end of the spectrum…a woman who is probably going to influence all our lives yet is a “Supreme” example of a woman not of the 21st century.

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is a member of People of Praise which describes itself as a “charismatic” Christian community, referring to a form of Christianity that believes in supernatural occurrences through the work of the Holy Spirit such as miraculous healing and prophecy.

The group also abides by strict gender roles in which each member of the community is connected to a leader.

An explosive report Tuesday from The Washington Post revealed Barrett had an active role in People of Praise and served as a “handmaid,” a term used to refer to female leaders in the group known as a “head.”

Heads are often consulted for life decisions, such as dating, marriage, jobs and financial issues.

Married women’s “heads” are their husbands.

Members are asked to donate at least 5 percent of their gross income to the community.

Members embrace a strict view of human sexuality and are guided by traditional gender norms, rejecting openly gay men and women.

Amy Coney Barrett grew up in this religious community and we all should have serious doubts that she is qualified to be a Supreme Court justice.

I stopped watching the Handmaiden’s Tale because I found the tenants of the covenant reprehensible and although I admired the “progressive” handmaidens it worked me up to a point that I needed to step away.

Now fiction is going to become a part of the American lexicon.

I will not lose hope.

Women are the backbone of our society and the most powerful force in America.

I truly believe that women of every color, creed, socioeconomic background will rise up during this monumental election period and defeat these arrogant, sexist, selfish neanderthals.


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