Stairway To Heaven…


Big day for my mother.

She just had the Cadillac of stairlifts installed. No danger of hearing her cry out, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

That 90 plus feisty ball of energy now can automatically pilot the flight of stairs to her heart’s delight.

For $4000 you too can motor yourself up, down and around. She has the Stannah deluxe model in siena ivory. They have sold over half a million since 1975. Who knew that many people had trouble navigating stairs in the home.

If I don’t decrease my mileage in Manhattan, I may be living in Connecticut with my mom, riding the rails.

She requested a purple or grey model, but they don’t yet custom. The color chart only includes mundane shades of green, blue, brown, maroon and beige.

Disappointment set in, but I talked her down…maybe we can call in her upholsterer and, at the very least, redo the cushion.


My mother pushed back on on this purchase for two years and then the other day she called and said she had to have it STAT.

I did my due diligence amongst the Big Three. Who knew that there was so much competition for a stair lift.

Acorn is the brand name that most people recognize, but don’t let that fool you. I thought the Stannah product and contract was a cut above the rest.

Anyway, the 4 hour installation was almost as exciting as watching paint dry. There was a slight bump in the road since my parents do not believe in electrical outlets. That would entail hiring an electrician.

They were firm believers in multiple extension cords in one socket. I always was nervous that one day the house would overload and burn to the ground.

The Stannah Stairlift 2000 is in and my mom has a personalized E ticket Disney ride in the comfort of her  own home.

Let your state of the art stairlift fly, Eunie babe! To the moon and back (or at least upstairs).


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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    That’s great!

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