Spend Free Zone…


Post renovation dilemma…

What do you do with your afternoons if you do not want to spend money?

My mornings are heavily scheduled.

I am up very early to edit and post my daily blog, take care of p.r. matters and event planning.

6am is devoted to walking and feeding my pup, Madison.

Clean, organize and head out to drive my middle-age body to total exhaustion.

This past Saturday, Courtny and I had a semi-private, challenging Pilates 60 minute session and then we went shopping….sacrifice and reward. I didn’t buy anything, but I came close to having a retail therapy moment with an adorable Gucci turquoise suede cross body bag…so necessary when hiking in Manhattan.


Anyway, now that I have finished the renovations and am facing the bills, I really want to keep all extraneous spending under control.

Deep breath. So what do you do late afternoon after I have marketed the day’s post and written tomorrow’s brilliant composition (she said modestly).

I cannot exercise anymore, to late for lunch dates and I want to stay out of the stores.

I have applied to every Los Angeles museum as a volunteer. My other major in college was fine arts and my thesis was on Camille Pissarro, the father of Impressionism so I am volunteer worthy.

Denied. Who knew you had to be deeply connected to work for free?

 I have spent 100s of hours volunteering at schools so that is so yesterday.

I was a candy stripper in youth and after my father’s four month stay in ICU, I just cannot stomach hospitals.


I plan on passing away in Bergdorf’s or Giants Stadium in order to avoid a hospital scenario. Just bury me in the Meadowlands Sports Complex with Jimmy Hoffa. I don’t need a service or headstone.

Continuing to be a year round season ticket holder for my beloved New York Giants will make me happy for all eternity.

I am a fabulous sanitation engineer. Should I start a maid service? There go my nails. Dog walking. Too tired from spinning, cardio barring and reforming at Pilates.

Some may think that I am very fortunate not to have to be locked into an office job at this stage of life. Believe me, I have paid my dues and not to pass the buck, but in today’s working environment, corporations are not hiring mature women. This semi-retirement is not totally self imposed.

Personally, I think it is definitely time to head back east. I am never bored in Manhattan.

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