Sour Disposition…


How can anyone maintain a sunny disposition when returning a leased car?!

There are so many hidden costs.

If you decide not to buy the same brand of car, then you are charged a disposition fee.

This mandatory charge should turn your disposition sour.

This rip off is meant to cover all the costs that your leasing company will incur to order to sell the vehicle.

Courtny’s Lemon

This week, my daughter returned her BMW.

Like so many people in LA her BMW convertible looked good, but lacked substance.

If not for the striking red interior and convertible top, the steel gray model probably had a lemon undercoat.

$350 is a lot of money especially in light of the fact that they go over the automobile with a fine-tooth comb.

Every scratch is analyzed, tires kicked, interior inspected and then you are held financially responsible for any imperfections.

Does anyone really remember there is a disposition fee written into the fine print of the leasing agreement?

Nothing is as easy as it appears. Leasing definitely has its drawbacks.

Courtny, if you are feeling ripped off, just know that Hyundai charges a $400 disposition fee.

On the bright side, you have a gorgeous new Mercedes to transpose your temporarily sour disposition and make it sunny and there’s also a rockin’ weekend at Coachella.

sour disposition


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