The Smith, Uncommonly Good…


The Smith may sound generic, but it is a neighborhood gem situated in a ‘hood that is lacking good, reasonably priced restaurants.


The Smith is busy day and night. Located across from Lincoln Center it meets all demands and fulfills cravings.

I had a particularly rough day recently and was in need of a breath of fresh air and a good meal. We started the party at the bar because our outside table was not quite ready.

Let me tell you, The Smith bar scene is a personality free zone. The female bartenders are hair flippers…really, around food and drink?! They were like standing around like looking bored even though there was like a crowd.

The hair tossing  like twins were like yawning with their mouth like wide open. Perhaps, they were waiting for one of the guys at the bar to stick something in it…that might be the only way to motivate these blonde bimbos. The male bartenders were as disengaged.

Unfortunately, we have been back to The Smith and the situation has not changed.. Please, do not let the bar area deter you from trying The Smith…just step away from the alcohol zone.

guys in smth shirts

Dining outside was a total 180 from our indoor experience. We drank in the gorgeous evening filled with a half moon, midnight blue sky and a panoply of interesting pedestrians who floated, stumbled and limped by for 2 hours non-stop.

The Smith has a front and back dining area. I prefer outside or up front by the windows. I found the back area remote and a bit more noisy, but it is expansive and aesthetically pleasing.

Kale and Quinoa Salad
Kale and Quinoa Salad

Once settled outside, our waiter, David, helped to make the evening thoroughly enjoyable. He was a gem…smart and efficient.

We started with a truly tasty super food salad…kale and quinoa with ricotta salata, sun dried cranberries, toasted almonds and a delicious tangy Dijon vinaigrette dressing ($13).

After hearing the healthy rap on quinoa from our Peruvian guides during our recent trip to Peru, we were ready to tackle a double whammy. Seriously, the salad rocked and I have done numerous drive by’s for takeout. I seriously eat this salad three times a week.

The Saturday night special was a bouillabaisse ($32) loaded with seafood, rice, andouille sausage and peas. It was delicious and the lobster, clams, calamari outstanding. The ample portion was generous enough to easily split.

The Smith has daily specials. Monday is 15 hour pork ($24), short ribs on Tuesday ($29), Wednesday is fried chicken ($24), Thursday’s special is prime rib ($33)  lobster roll on Friday (MP) and Sunday is spaghetti and meatballs ($21).

Hot Fudge Sundaw
Hot Fudge Sundae w

We were full from imbibing a great Allagash white beer from Portland, Maine ($7), salad and bouillabaisse. David pushed our buttons and we succumbed, ordering the hot fudge sundae with vanilla ice cream, flourless chocolate cake, almond bark, whipped cream and a cherry on top ($9).

He also treated us to an order of the biggest and most delicious warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies (Quarter Pounders, 3 for $8)…what a sweetie.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies

The manager, Frank, dropped by and was also very personable.

I have dined at The Smith several times and I can recommend the pot of mussels in a chardonnay broth with fries ($22), the seared tuna salad ($25) with baby spinach, black olives, string beans, cherry tomatoes, potato salad and Dijon vinaigrette, the side of Brussel sprouts had a perfect char, making them crispy and delicious ($9).

The hamburger that I ordered at lunch one day lacked flavor and was not moist.The burger deluxe comes with cheddar, bacon, special sauce and fries ($17). The Landmarc, just down the street in the Time Warner Building, has the best burger around.

We look forward to a another good meal in the ‘hood, minus the bar scene. Make sure to check out the cool bathroom which has a photo booth…not to record your bathroom ablutions, but to jump into for a selfie or with a friend.

The Smith Lincoln Center 1900 Broadway, corner of 63rd Street. Reservations online at OpenTable. Open Monday-Wednesday 7:30am-midnight, Thursday and Friday 7:30-1am, Saturday 10-1am and Sunday 10am-midnight.

There is also The Smith East Village and The Smith Midtown.

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