Do you eat with that mouth?

Yes and I’ll use it for whatever I can (within reason).

Yesterday was a bellwether day.

After two and a half years, a prolonged delay due to Covid, I finally finished urban renewal on my mouth.

Not a sexy way to spend an obscene amount of money.

That dough buys some fabulous vacations, accessories and mortgage payments, but sadly, that shipped has sailed.

I not only hate going to the dentist, but I fear it.

I must admit I found a stellar female dentist who    understands dental fear.

My east coast dentist did not get it and his office had that senior living vibe.

The dentist and her all-female band are outstanding, the decor welcoming with great music and Netflix playing while you lounge with your mouth wide open and your nerve endings on red alert.

I must admit The Great British Bake Off calmed me down during the endless drilling and manipulating.

I am hoping the worst is behind me.

My father gave me his height and, of course, natural good looks, but failed me entirety in the genetic dental department.

Brush, floss, rinse…my forever mantra.


  1. ellie lupo says:

    completely my problem too……my teeth. as you i am going to the dentist now that it is safer.
    have no idea what he will find,but I fear it will not be good. Maybe was not your Dad,but the Kaplan family…..although they were pretty perfect. good luck to you and good luck to me!!!!!

    • Absolutely good luck to you. My saga has been painful, emotionally eroding and expensive!
      I hope it goes well for you🤞🤞

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