Smile, Sei Pizza…🍕

I have consumed some tasty pies at Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood, but nothing compared to New York.

I read about a new, intimate, modern space in the unprepossessing Robertson/Pico neighborhood.

Pizza Sei has 3 tables and 9 seats at the counter overlooking the pizza making magic.

Pizza Man, Willy, is making pizza and putting it out for delicious consumption in 10 minutes.

The wood-fire pizzeria is family-owned.

The attractive black tile almond wood burning oven is mighty…you can feel the heat radiating out from the pizza making source.

Pizza Sei also offers salads and antipasti such as Burrata Toast and a Prosciutto platter.

We ordered a very tasty Caesar to kick things off ($13).

The pizzas arrived soon after, charred around the edges and looking good.

The dough is light and delicious.

7 pizzas are offered with topping choices including, olives, pepperoni, mushrooms, prosciutto, egg, arugula and truffle oil. Additional pricing ranges from 50 cents to $6.

The Marguarita was delicious made with fresh tomatoes, Fior di Latte, basil, EVOO and sea salt ($19).

Unfortunately, I added pepperoni which was spicy and detracted from the simplicity of the pie.

The Funghi has Fior di Latte, shaved mushrooms, roasted garlic, pecorino, oregano, fresh thyme and EVOO ($21). It was made with roasted garlic which I failed to notice and it ruined the pizza for me.

If I returned I would sample the Bianca with Fior di Latte, preserved lemon, basil, pecorino, EVOO and sea salt ($19).

Tiramisu is offered for dessert ($8).

No alcohol is served.

Reservations are suggested.

Pizza Sei does a big takeout business.

It gives the designer pizza a good run for the money and far surpasses the fake pizza manufactured at Domino’s and its conservative thinking brethren.

Pizza Sei 8781 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, California. Open Monday, Wednesday-Sunday 11:30am-9pm. Street parking. Reservations through Yelp.

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  1. Looks great. Can’t say the same for all those uncomfortable stools.
    Joe Taylor

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