Sleepless In Manhattan…

I am guessing my demise could be imminent.

I read all the time that sleep is the most important and necessary gift to your body.

I defy the odds.

I am down to 3 hours a night.

I toss and turn, process life, read, rehash NY Giant frustrating losses, plan meals, vacations, holiday gift lists.

Accordingly, I do not eat or drink alcohol hours before bedtime, I hide my cell phone in the living room credenza, no ambient noise or lights in the bedroom, window is open so room is cool.

I am at wit’s end, but I do accomplish a lot after I lose the nightly battle.

Morning Joe is more of a lunch time show for me!

Oh well, I will do my bleary best to enjoy the rest of my life.


  1. am not that bad a sleeper,but not great. i find myself getting my dance classes put together at night. choreograph pieces.steps that work smoothly. different eras…styles etc. have decided paper and pencil next to the bed. jot down
    what i was thinking and hopefully that will rest my mind. a god thing is that my mind is still working!!!! starting tonight….here is hoping!

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