Size 13 Heels Leave A Huge Imprint…

Escapism is a time honored endeavor.

That’s why I frequently avoid reality in the darkened theatres on Broadway.

After being forcibly airlifted out of paradise, I wanted to keep the suspension of reality vibe going so I went to the TKTS box office at Lincoln Center the day after I returned and waited in line for the noon opening.

It is always interesting chatting with other Broadway geeks.

I was holding out for Tootsie.

I never thought I would see the musical, but several people whose opinion I respect thoroughly enjoyed it.

When my turn arrived I approached the glass partition, smiled and asked for the best available which turned out to be second row center for half price tickets.

I invited my daughter and we met on Saturday for a beyond disappointing hair in our salad lunch at Frankie and Johnnie’s.

We immediately fled the premises.

Hoping the day improved, we headed into the Marquis Theatre.

What a surprise.

Tootsie is madly entertaining and destined for a long Broadway run.

The show based on the 1982 movie, is lyrically clever, smart, funny and a beyond satisfying Broadway musical which is difficult to come by.

I was shocked at how good it is, featuring a talented cast, impressive sets and highly original score.

We reveled in the inside jokes and innuendo.

Tootsie is a good time romp, a delightfully relevant musical that will have you laughing out loud.

Nominated for 11 Tony Awards, Tootsie is 2 1/2 hours of maaaavelous escapism.

Michael Dorsey who assumes the persona of Dorothy Michaels declares in Tootsie, “Women listen to each other…”so listen up…put your big girl panties and heels on, glide over to 46th Street and be prepared to be wowed.

Tootsie Marquis Theatre 210 West 46th Street New York City.

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  1. Beth Martin says:

    I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for your glowing review.

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