Sia The Difference…

Take a deep breath, relax and treat yourself.

Clean glowing skin ranks up there with sparkling bathrooms, freshly laundered underwear and crisp, clean sheets.

My advice…take your face to Sia’s Beauty in SoHo for a remarkable facial by owner Karen.

Sia’s Beauty is spotless, reasonably priced (ask about the special) and the facials are 90 minutes.

Have I died and awakened with a 25 year-old face?!

Karen knows skin and they even have all the chichi new machines that they offer without jacking up the price with add ons.

The massage is heavenly and the masks are rejuvenating.

The list of facial treatments is extensive and the intimate spa offers manicures and pedis, massage, waxing and acupuncture…so we are talking one stop full body satisfaction.

The location is fabulous for after facial glow eating and shopping.

A full range of designer and reasonably price retail therapy outlets are within 4 blocks.

I wasn’t asked to write about Sia Beauty.

I am not being offered free services.

I just felt jazzed after the service and felt it left me happy, glowing and feeling as if I had a momentary staycation…these turbulent, mask wearing times demand instant gratification and that is exactly what I felt.

This is what I call clean living.

If you are not in NYC then just do something nice for yourself in addition to scheduling the Covid vaccine and booster as well as your annual flu shot.

Sia’s Beauty 134 Grand Street New York Ciry. Open Tuesday-Sunday.  Text for appointment. 646.846.8367.



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