Shutting Down…

I rarely sleep.

Maybe I have been hangin’ with my doggies too much…I am displaying similar behavior to Madison and Finnley.

I eat dinner, play a bit, run around the house, collapse and sleep soundly for 2 hours.

I am up again around 1am ready to play, slurp some liquid, sniff around for a snack.

Since there is are no humans up to talk to at that hour and I do not want to overstimulate the dogs, I catch up on news and sports, write, edit and publish my daily posts.

Very early this morning, I read my Skimm email.

There was a cryptic passage on what synapses are which simply stated, “the point at which a nervous impulse passes from one neuron to another.”

Synapses drive chemical signals where they need to go.

Apparently, synapses work hard all day.

When you sleep, they slow down and put their feet up.

Some scientists think this happens so we can delete minutiae from the day, making room for the next day’s important shit.

Now I know why I never ever forget anything.

My synapses never lay their head down on the satin pillowcase long enough to erase yesterday’s crap.

After a mere two hour respite, I am up and mentally running through Trump’s latest antics, contemplating war with China, Russian espionage, nuclear war with North Korea, financial issues, robberies in our Los Angeles ‘hood, calamity at our NY Coop, Madison’s amputation, bursting pipes at my mother’s Connecticut home (twice in the last week, ADT has called at 1:30am and 2:20am…I was up to have a lovely chat), and every detail from yesterday and the day before and the day before that.

You get my drift.

So, a heartfelt shout out to my synapses.

I am begging you to relax, delete and shutdown so that I can awaken tomorrow a rested, effusive, blank page.


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