Shut Up Stand Up…

A day devoid of scintillating thoughts, but a lengthy stream of consciousness.

I did not sleep last night.

It is humid and raining.

My bathroom floor is buckling more than NYC’s 9th Avenue.

If I read one more article about France I will lose my eyesight.

I hide my jewelry for the 500th time and have no idea where any of it is.

The Gucci bag I bought in 2007 is now the “It” bag and $2500 dollars more than what I paid.

That’s the good retail news. The question is will the ripping off of women and their desired accessories ever level off? Roughly speaking, women are spending over $1000 to grind the bottom of their designer shoes into filthy urban streets…insanity.

I rode the Peloton and hated every minute of it.

Why is Joe Biden too old??!!

He’s doing the job. Lots of productive seniors and grandparents bring up grandchildren because their younger kids are screw ups, druggies, unproductive, involved in dysfunctional marriages. It’s not age, it’s being of sound mind and making life better for yourself and others.

That fat pig, Agent Orange, is only 3 years younger than Joe. The out of shape, irresponsible POS crucifies the English language every time he opens his mouth, salivates over dictators, can’t absorb more than a flash card worth of information on key political issues, cheats at golf, steals nuclear secrets, wears his tie down to his crouch, wears his hair in a more convoluted style than his approach to Covid cures (remember the bleach) and is not facing the same scrutiny.

Leave Kamala alone. You want to call a woman unproductive? let’s take a look at Lauren Boebert’s contribution to Congress, her constituents and her uncouth behavior at a recent performance of Beetlejuice.

Her boyfriend (ex as of last night) of several months is a democrat. He was identified as Quinn Gallagher, a co-owner of Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar, which has hosted drag shows and the venue has also held events in support of the LGBTQ+ community, including a women’s party for Aspen Gay Ski Week and a “Winter Wonderland Burlesque & Drag Show.”

Boebert has been an outspoken critic of drag, claiming it offends her Christian beliefs and corrupts children.
Critical, unhappy hypocrites. That’s the portrait of many Americans.

If you want to criticize get off your butt and institute change.

Have a great day.


Photo: Meidas Touch Network

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