Shop ‘Til You Drop…

President’s Day.

With water leaks, stomach flu and no kids in school I completely forgot it was a long weekend.

I really enjoy New York City on a holiday weekend when inhabitants flee to their second home, parents homes in the blue part of Florida, the Caribbean or ski resorts.

The city empties out, you can drive without losing your mind and restaurant reservations are attainable.

Monday, I set the retail therapy trap for my dedicated shopping partner.

My husband had to work so Finnley and I jumped in our SUV and headed downtown to pick up my retail therapy partner in crime.

On a sunny and clear morning we headed to Woodbury Commons to drown my water sorrows.

For me it is just an excuse to spend quality time with my daughter.

I have forever cherished our time together in the car on the way to school, end of day pick up and all the numerous activities she was always engaged in.

We chatted nonstop with the music providing great background.

We arrived at Woodbury Outlets at the opening bell.

There was already a line at Gucci which by the way was horrible.

Woodbury has just about every high end designer represented plus Ralph Lauren Polo, Nike, JCrew, Golden Goose and on and on.

We made a concerted effort to hit up every desirable store and we accomplished our goal.

I use the word we as I was complicit in supporting her fabulous purchases.

Sadly, I walked away empty handed, but reveled in her gains.

We had lunch and journeyed home without traffic.

The joys of sharing with someone who has the same shopping rhythm and taste as well a person you just love to be with.

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